John Tuck Elementary:
Student/ Parent/School Compact  2021-2022


Redmond School District Vision Statement: We have a  relentless commitment to academic achievement and personal growth for every student. Redmond School District graduates are fully prepared for the demands and responsibilities of adult life by developing students who are solidly grounded in the knowledge and skills essential for success as a student,  an employee and as a citizen in the 21st century.

Parents and students agree this compact outlines how parents, John Tuck staff and the students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement. Through this compact the school and parents will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve rigorous learning standards.


As a STUDENT my focus will be on:

  • Coming to school rested and ready to learn.
  • Actively participating in my education.
  • Completing assignments and turning them in on time.
  • Reading to myself and others at home every day.
  • Making sure that my family gets all messages from school.
  • Being safe, being respectful, being responsible and being a learner at school and at home.


As a FAMILY our focus will be on:

  • Providing an environment that encourages learning and supports education.
  • Seeing that our child attends school regularly and arrives on time.
  • Reading to our child and listening to our child read daily.
  • Supporting our student, the teachers and the school, including attendance of school events.
  • Contacting the classroom teacher if we are having difficulties at home working with our child or his/his schoolwork.
  • Supporting school rules and policies and reinforce the student expectations of being safe, being respectful, and being a learner at school and at home.


As EDUCATORS our focus will be on:

  • Providing high quality, best practices,  instruction every day.
  • Creating a classroom environment where parents, students, and I are partners in learning.
  • Encouraging student achievement and honor student successes.
  • Providing communication opportunities that share student progress throughout the year.
  • Providing three or more Family Involvement Events per year that focus on varying academic content areas and extending parent learning/growth opportunities.
  • Supporting school rules and policies,  reinforcing the student expectations of being safe, respectful, responsible learners at school and school events.


Response to Intervention (RTI) is a process that is used at John Tuck and throughout the Redmond School District to close the achievement gap by  identifying students at risk  and providing targeted teaching to help them catch up. 

Here’s a look at the increasing levels of RTI support we utilize at John Tuck:

Tier 1: Core Instruction

All students receive high-quality, scientifically based instruction in reading and math, differentiated to meet their needs, and are screened on a periodic basis to identify struggling learners who need additional support.

Tier II: Small Group Instruction/Intervention

In Tier II, students not making adequate progress in the core curriculum are provided with increasingly intensive small group instruction matched to their needs on the basis of levels of performance and rates of progress. On and above grade level students are provided with small group instruction that is tailored to provide them with additional enrichment in both math and reading. 

Tier III: Small Group Intensive Interventions

At this level, students receive individualized, intensive interventions that target the students’ skill deficits for the remediation of existing problems and the prevention of more severe problems.

We here at John Tuck believe that one of  the key aspects of tiered instruction is the importance of collaboration among all educational professionals in our building. The beauty of this approach is evident when administration, teachers and specialists engage in discussions about how “all” students are performing inside and outside the regular education classroom.