John Tuck Tornados Family Engagement Plan 2023-2024

Research shows that parent engagement in schools is closely linked to better student behavior, higher academic achievement, and enhanced social skills. Family and community engagement greatly increases the likelihood that students will learn and thrive. Students are more prepared for school, more likely to achieve, and more likely to graduate when they are supported by schools, families, and communities working together in a coordinated manner.

Goal: At our Back to School event, families will have the opportunity to understand our school’s instructional and intervention programs, how student progress is monitored, and how families can engage in and support their child’s education.  

  • Strategies: 
    • Classroom Teacher Presentation
    • Schoolwide Title Expectations and Services
    • Brochure of how parents can be involved in our school community.

Goal: School teams will encourage communication and collaboration with families. Families will have the opportunity to share their needs and suggestions.  

  • Strategies:
    • Parent Square app
    • Weekly communication opportunities with classroom teacher
    • In-Person Conversations at Conferences
    • Fall and Spring School Survey
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Advance notification of PTO meetings and classroom/school events through various avenues (Auto dial, email, flyers, phone call)

Goal: Family engagement activities will be planned in response to parent/guardian feedback, address student learning needs, and be offered at times and in ways easily accessible to families. 

  • Strategies
    • Fall and Spring Schoolwide Survey
    • Grade level family engagement opportunities 
    • Schoolwide family engagement opportunities

Goal: Families will be informed of all school related activities and meetings in a language they can understand, and encouraged and supported in fully participating in their child’s education. 

  • Strategies 
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Interpreters relaying information through phone call and/or email
    • Parent Square app

 This Family Engagement plan has been developed by family members and school staff representing our school community.

Date developed: May 10, 2023

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Susan Gotshall

Title IA Reading Specialist

Lori Sofich 

Head Secretary

Dusty Porter


Julie Striewski

Kindergarten Teacher

Meagan White

SPED Teacher/Parent

Katelyn Dover 

1st Grade Teacher

Shawn Woods

2nd Grade Teacher

Michelle Kamperman

3rd Grade Teacher

Lyndsay Cheney

4th Grade Teacher

Joe Swanson

5th Grade Teacher

Jill Jorgenson

School Counselor

Jody Johnson 

John Tuck Parent