John Tuck Family Engagement Plan 2022-2023

Goal: Annually, families will have the opportunity to gain awareness of the Title 1A grant, will understand the school’s academic programs and how student progress is monitored, and will share with staff what they would like to learn more about.

  • Tuck staff will clearly articulate this information via written, verbal and graphic form through the following channels: School Website, Back to School Night, Beginning of the Year Newsletter, Virtual Presentations and Conferences. 
  • two surveys each school year will be used to gauge parent understanding and adjust future communication and resources to provide clarification about questions and areas of interest that arise. 

Goal: Families will have the opportunity to participate in the planning, review and improvement of school programs and processes. 

    • Parents will provide specific feedback via four surveys. This process will also include a follow up summary of electronic communication to all families addressing and explaining areas of interest and common questions. 
  • Tuck will have a parent representative on the school leadership team. 
  • Tuck will utilize the PTO to provide input about areas of interest and needs for parents and families. 

Goal: Families will be informed of all school related activities and meetings in a language they can understand, and encouraged and supported in fully participating in their child’s education. 

    • Tuck staff will communicate with families frequently, through a variety of modes (face-to face, newsletter, flyers, emails, phone calls, text messages, virtual presentations,etc.) in English and in Spanish.
  • Invitations to meetings and events will be shared more than once and in more than one way (flyers and follow up phone calls). 
  • Meetings and events will be held on days and at times that are more conducive for families to participate, providing alternate times (morning, afternoon, evening) to reach more  families when possible.

Goal: School staff value partnership with families and will effectively reach out to, communicate with, and implement and coordinate parent/family programs to build and maintain relationships with families and the community. 

    • Title IA Reading Specialist will take survey responses and create events based on parent interest and requests.The activities will include training and engagement activities aimed at developing an understanding of grade level academic priorities and content standards. 
  • Tuck will partner with the PTO to sponsor several family and community activities throughout the school year. Information about academic, SEL and extracurricular opportunities will be available at these events. 

This Family Engagement plan has been developed by family members and school staff representing John Tuck School on May 30th, 2019, Team members and roles: Dusty Porter- principal, Susan Gotshall- Title IA Specialist, Carol Staff- IA, Ginger Lovness- IA, Diana Fair- Title IA, Angela Hanzely- IA, John Tuck Elementary parents input via a schoolwide Google survey.

                                                                                                                                                       revised May 30, 2022