Parent Resources

John Tuck Elementary has a rich tradition of parents being actively involved in the school. We know that when parents choose to be involved in their child’s education the benefits include:

  • Higher grades and test scores
  • Long term academic achievement
  • Fewer discipline problems
  • Increased parental satisfaction
  • Increased motivation to seek school’s help
  • More effective schools

All parents want their children to become successful, caring adults. Many parents want to be involved in the formal education of their children, but don’t know where to start, when to find the time, or how to make positive connections with the school. Here are some suggestions on how you can take a more active part in your child’s education. The most important way you can be involved in your child’s learning is to show on a daily basis that you care and are concerned about what he or she is learning in school. Having a daily dialogue about what happened at school, establishing uninterrupted study time at home, maintaining communication with the teacher, and reading to or with your child at home are all ways that you can partner with the school to improve academic achievement. There are many research studies that indicate that students will take more ownership in their educational process when there is a strong emphasis on learning in the home.We welcome parent volunteers at John Tuck and encourage you to fill out the paperwork that would enable you to help out in your child’s classroom.

We recognize the need for a close partnership between parents and the school. Please come and join with us to provide the best possible educational experience for each and every child.

       ~Dusty Porter, Principal