John Tuck School Growth Plan 2016-2019


At John Tuck we continuously work to live out our vision of being “All in For Al Kids” by modeling and practicing our core values of being evidence based, educating the whole child, believing in and extenuating each stakeholders unlimited potential, and building/sustaining trusted partnerships. As a part of this commitment we have worked diligently to collaboratively develop an extensive school growth plan that guides our continuous improvement efforts. The plan spans the 2016 through 2019 school years. Upon completion in 2019 we will go through an extensive review process and develop another three year plan. We are school that believes in always striving to improve what we do for the betterment of all stakeholders. With this said, we would like to share the spotlight areas of our current plan:
  • School staff coordinates and integrates services and programs with the aim of optimizing the entire educational program to improve student learning.
  • All instructional staff at the school collaboratively plan for sound instruction in a variety of instructional modes.
  • All teachers use instructional strategies and initiatives that  are grounded in evidence-based practices, strengthen the core academic program, increase the quality and quantity of learning time, and address the learning needs of all students.
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  • School staff educate families and provide needed resources for supporting their children’s learning.